iVET360 offers risk-free marketing to veterinary practices

Company assists with marketing, analytics, HR, and training

marketing iVET360, an independently owned and operated veterinary services company, with clients in all 50 states, is offering services with no monthly contract.

The company provides an industry-first money-back guarantee with a minimum 100 percent return on clients’ monthly cost within 90 days or 100 percent of the first three months of fees will be eturned.

The company offers free best practice and educational content in the forms of digitally relevant and informative articles month after month. It also gifts any hospital (client or not) with a free LearningVet.com course each month, to help keep practices up to date on optimizing and accelerating their hospital operations.

“By offering this risk-free guarantee in conjunction with our no-monthly contracts structure, we are continuing to show that iVET360 is unlike any other veterinary service provider,” said Matt Murray, CEO. “This is a full win-win—from the hospitals, to the clients, to the pets, who are, most importantly, receiving the quality veterinary care that they need.”

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