How to create a cave for your cat patients

VETgirl has released a video about how to make a cat cave for your feline patients. As explained in the video description: "... Dr. Kathy Rausch, emergency veterinary guru from Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota, shows us how to create a fear-free, low stress cat house for your feline hospitalized patients

Are you saving for the next recession?

The American Veterinary Medical Association​ (AVMA) has launched a new video called "Advice for Veterinarians: How to Prepare for a Recession."

UK vet nurse trains labs to line up in row

Katie Williamson, a 19-year-old veterinary nurse in training, has a video where her five Labradors (plus her friend's Labrador) she's trained line up in a row and then come to her when each of their names are called.

The Bunny Bunch


Part 1


Part 2