Court rejects cat-killing veterinarian’s appeal

This is the latest in a number of attempts to overturn her sentence

Kristen Lindsey’s appeal was rejected by the Texas Supreme Court.

A Texas veterinarian’s request to appeal her suspension and probation for shooting a cat through the head with an arrow has been rejected by that state’s Supreme Court.

In 2015, Kristen Lindsey shot a feral cat and then bragged about it on social media. In a Facebook post accompanying the photo, Lindsey wrote, “My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s [sic] head. Vet of the year award … gladly accepted.” A state board in 2016 suspended her veterinary license for one year and placed her on probation for four years.

Since her one-year suspension ended in October 2017, Lindsey has been permitted to practice veterinary medicine on a probationary basis. Following that, she attempted to get her sentence overturned in district court and the Texas Third Court of Appeals. Another appeal to challenge the rules dictating her disciplinary action also was pending. In April 2018, she lost both cases and was ordered to pay all costs related to the trial court and the court of appeals.

“The Texas Supreme Court now becomes the highest authority in the state to confirm what we’ve known all along—that Kristen Lindsey is wholly deserving of punishment for her brutal killing of Tiger,” says Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “This was a case of a veterinarian not only ignoring her responsibility to relieve suffering, but actually rejoicing in the suffering she was inflicting on [the cat].

“This has been a sickening case of cruelty that should have resulted in a much more severe punishment than a one-year suspension. The legal system should have permanently barred Lindsey from ever practicing veterinary medicine again.”

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26 thoughts on “Court rejects cat-killing veterinarian’s appeal

  1. A correction:

    “In 2015, Kristen Lindsey shot a feral cat and then bragged about it on social media.”

    I believe that the cat was long ago identified as Tiger, the pet of a neighbor, and not in fact a feral.

    1. As long as caring people continue to keep telling about Tiger’s murder by Kristen Lindsey, as well as publicize her picture, It will be difficult for her to work as a veterinarian. She is a disgrace and should never be allowed to claim DVM as her profession.

      Please correct the report by clarifying Tiger was a beloved pet and often rode on his family’s runabout vehicle on their property.

    2. Your are correct and she knew the cat. She is a despicable human being let alone vet. She should not get her license back and permanently banned from practicing. There are too many of these types of vets out there.

  2. I came here to make the same correction — you even refer to Tiger by name later in the article, yet you still describe him as a feral cat instead of a beloved pet in the opening of the article! Many rural folks see feral cats as a problem, but still have family pets who are as much loved as any city cat. Don’t let this woman get away with trying to put any kind of spin on her despicable actions!

  3. Your article should read: “Kristen Lindsey shot her neighbor’s pet cat Tiger with a bow and arrow and then claimed on social media that it was feral.” Your wording is inaccurate and misleading, and attempts to minimize the act that a trained veterinarian did. Please correct the wording.

  4. Instead of spending money and time on court battles, she should have shown remorse, donated time, money and effort to help protect animals and demonstrate that she has become a better person. She should have accepted her punished as a gift. She could have lost her license forever.

    People make mistakes, some people become better persons thru their mistakes, some people just make excuses to justify their mistakes.

  5. Whether Tiger was a pet or feral, I live in the country rural area all my life and feral cats have always been apart of it. They should be protected. The reason they are feral is not because they choose the life most likely from humans neglecting to spay or neuter their cats and people just throwing their cats out once they have no more want for them. They are feral because there are so many bad pet parents out there. So the least we could do is take care of them. This vet should NEVER be allowed to practice again. People make mistakes but killing is so far past just a mistake it horrible. Even if she could some how justify killing a feral kitty, how would she know this kitty is not a pet. Even if she learns from it, she does not deserve to practice again, nor should any pet be subject to her possible mistakes again. Many pet parents may not know about her history and use her vet services and if they did know I sure they would not use her. She has shown a part of herself that exhibits cruelty to animals, most would say the next step is hurting humans. This is a trait that is not acceptable. I also agree this article takes it to easy on her.

  6. If possible and if legal, people should match with signs wherever she is working. How did she get away with this. It takes a cruel heart to do what she did. I would never want her to handle my cat much less leave my cat with her for surgery. Who knows what she might do to satisfy her sick needs. In my opinion, she is a very troubled l person and in my opinion she should seek professional help.

  7. If possible and if legal, people should march with signs wherever she is working. How did she get away with this. It takes a cruel heart to do what she did. I would never want her to handle my cat much less leave my cat with her for surgery. Who knows what she might do to satisfy her sick needs. In my opinion, she is a very troubled l person and in my opinion she should seek professional help. To me she doesn’t even look remorseful. So sad she is allowed to practice.

    1. Hey, Paul G. Aren’t you the vet who never saw a cat he wouldn’t like to declaw? I’m sure you think Kristen Lindsey has done enough penance for her crime, but people who actually like cats don’t agree. She ought to permanently lose her veterinary license. Maybe she can get a job leading big game hunters in Africa. I’m sure she would like that.

    2. Paul G.: Tiger is still dead. She’s an evil monster and s danger to animals. Shr should never be able to practice veterinary medicine again and should serve jail time, since the same penalty can’t be imposed on her as the cat she brutally slaughtered for amusement and bragging. She’s a sociopath with no conscience.

    3. Never should this monstrous woman be allowed to practice veterinary medicine again. I would boycott any veterinarian who employed her. (She could learn to code if she needs a job.) I doubt she would even clean surgical instruments properly In order to spread diseases to animals. She certainly appears to be a psycho. I wonder which veterinary school graduated her.

    4. No she certainly has not paid the price. Someone’s beloved pet didn’t deserve to die, she murdered it and she cares not…sentence should have been more harsh. Shame on you for supporting this monster.

  8. She should never be able to practice medicine again. As a pet owner I’d never trust her with my animals. I’d seriously warn clinics to think twice before you hire her as she might just ruin your business as I’d never put a dime in your pocket if she worked at the clinic I went to. She should of lost her license and gone to jail, sick individual, hell is hot love, enjoy.

  9. Hey Paul G., I’d like to hear you say that if it was your cat that she killed. Move on you say? see if you could if your cat was killed by her that way?

  10. He was not feral. He was a pet! She is cruel and inhumane. Downright evil. She is suppose to be a lover of animals a healer. She is not. She should be barred from having animals and never practicing veterinary medicine again.

  11. Way too lenient, I cannot even begin to imagine what she does to animals behind closed doors, her license should be revoked and never practice let alone be around any type of precious animal.

  12. Anyone who would use her services can’t care about animals at all. Boycott her and those close by should march outside her office with signs showing exactly what she did! Don’t let people forget

  13. First do no harm She does not Love animals in fact she has total disregard for the animal or the people she knew loved it . Would Not be my choice for a vet ever . I am not even a cat lover but .. I hope she feels the effects of that arrow like the cat did .

  14. This young person is a disgrace to her profession and should consider a change in her life’s calling, such as a job with USDA ANIMAL DAMAGE CONTROL. She would fit in well with them. Go on gal give it a try. YEE HAW! You would be GREAT!!!