Penn Vet to study hemp-based canine supplement

Dogs suffering from inflammation secondary to osteoarthritis will be evaluated

A trial at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) will be looking at the effectiveness of a hemp-based supplement to relieve symptoms of canine joint immobility.

Approximately 60 dogs who are suffering from inflammation secondary to osteoarthritis will be split into three groups. One group will receive Mobility, which was developed by Dixie Brands’ subsidiary Therabis. The second group will receive CBD, and the last group will receive a placebo. The dogs will then be studied to see which group achieves a better outcome.

“We are honored to have a Therabis product selected by the world-renowned experts at Penn Vet for their first major study of the effects of natural hemp oil to reduce joint pain in dogs,” says Therabis cofounder, Stephen M. Katz, DVM. “Our experience in my clinic has shown cannabidiol (CBD) is an effective treatment in reducing inflammatory response. We have a passion for improving dogs’ quality of life, and we look forward to learning all we can about therapeutic methods to achieve this.”

Physical tests will be used to measure the effectiveness of the products, mostly focusing on the front leg joints. Results are expected in approximately 12 months.

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