Two-way texting service available for veterinarians and pet owners

Technology aims to simplify communication workflow and help veterinary practices deliver better client experience

textingVitusVet, a client communication company for veterinary practices, has added two-way text and picture messaging to its services available to practices across North America.

“By allowing clients to communicate using the channel they prefer, a practice can provide access and client service in ways not possible if they remain reliant on the telephone and fax. This is especially true of those clients, especially millennials, who prefer to avoid telephone conversations and often opt out of emails,”said Mark Olcott, DVM, CEO of VitusVet.

“Text messaging is an obvious solution, which meets modern consumer communication preferences while also freeing up the practice team to provide better client service and patient care.”

Through the service, pet owners can send a text to a practice, which can then respond to the message from a desktop computer or the VitusVet Connect app. The app also allows team members to take pictures to share with clients.

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