Revisiting Veterinary Practice News’ top 10 features and stories of 2018

Taking peek at the articles that had the biggest impact over the last 365 days

With only a few weeks left in 2018, it is time to look back at the most memorable moments of the year.

Veterinary Practice News has put together a list of the most clicked news items and feature stories published over the last 12 months, from toxicity outbreaks to large legal proceedings.

Check out the ones you might have missed or revisit a favorite right here.

News Stories

  1. FDA issues alert for isoxazoline class of flea, tick products” (September 21)
  2. Cat-killing Texas veterinarian loses appeal” (May 4)
  3. Increase in DCM in dogs may be linked to diet” (July 19)
  4. IDEXX Laboratories sues former employees, Vets First Choice” (August 8)
  5. Two food companies issue recalls following customer complaints of vitamin D toxicity” (November 12)
  6. Bulldog dies after botched neuter at fake vet clinic” (June 1)
  7. They Ate What?! X-ray Contest 2018” (October 1)
  8. WVC announces 2019 annual conference dates” (April 24)
  9. FDA approves NexGard expanded label claims” (August 22)
  10. UF to study fatal heart disease in Doberman pinschers” (November 27)


  1. Why the Bureau of Health Care Services v. Dr. Pol is so important” by David Carser, BVSC, LLB, CML (January 12)
  2. Megacolon can be curable when handled the right way” by Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, Fear Free Certified (February 1)
  3. Is tramadol an effective analgesic for dogs and cats?” by Brennen McKenzie, MA, MSc, VMD, cVMA (June 26)
  4. Disinfection protocols: A clean start” by Jackie Brown (January 24)
  5. How low-stress handling changed one patient’s life” by Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, Fear Free Certified (April 6)
  6. What’s the deal with CBD?” by Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA (July 16)
  7. Pad corns: A pain for both dog and veterinarian” by Richard W. Doughty, M.Sc., MB ChB (Hons), BVSc, and Michael Guilliard, MA, VetMB, CertSAO, FRCVS (September 26)
  8. Is a cure for IMHA near?” by Julie A. Jacob (May 3)
  9. 5 questions with Dr. Susan Kelleher” (July 3)
  10. How to fix oronasal fistulas” by John Lewis, VMD, FAVD, DAVDC (May 4)


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